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Pioneer Riding Club is hosting

a series of Concordia Dressage competitions this year!


Concordia Equestrians have a shared vision of a world where all horses are cared for and trained with kindness and thoughtfulness.


We are the bridge that connects all areas of riding and horsemanship, representing all those who are in search of the most mindful ways to interact with horses be it for our pleasure or any competitive sports, and we look for the positive and promote what we believe to be the best practices in all areas of training and care.


We are also the governing body for Concordia competitions and events where enjoying our horses, and working in harmony and lightness are given priority over all else.


We are a friendly bunch of horse loving people, amateurs and professionals, so if you share our vision, please join us... together we can make a positive difference to horses.


On the 23rd August 2015, Pioneer Riding Club hosted the FIRST Concordia Dressage competition at Evenlode Grounds Farm. Whilst it rained in the morning, the weather brightened up for the competition and there was a great turnout! 


Here are the dates for the next set of competitions: 

9th April 2016

11th June 2016


For the 9th April 2016, the classes to be held are as follows:



     Intro A (2008)

     Prelim 02 (2016)



     Freestyle PTT1*

     Freestyle PTT2*


*This Freestyle is NOT to music, but features set moves performed in an unrestricted fashion. Required movements are available in the document at the bottom of this page. 


All tests and warm up on all weather outdoor arena and Rosettes to 6th place. 


Please send all entries to one of the following:


Entry closing date is the 7th April 2016 and late entries will be charged £3 extra per class. Please phone: 07594 146545 (Bex) for times between 4 and 7pm on the 7th April for times. 


• If classes are full a waiting list will be kept

• If you have to withdraw, please email to advise asap ~ no refunds later than 7th April.

• Any special requests should be put clearly on your entry form • Horses may enter more than once in each class but only with a different rider.


Pioneer Riding Club will be presenting a rosette to the highest placed junior rider (16 years or under)


The highest placed 4 competitors in the Concordia Freestyle (who have not already qualified) will qualify for The Concordia Freestyle Championships 2016 Qualifiers to be held bi-monthly ~ dates to be arranged.


Both classes will be judged under BD rules with additional Concordia rules re tack & dress code - these rules are available in the documetn at the bottom of this page.




BRIDLE ~ Concordia dressage encourages riders to be empathetic to the comfort of the horse, and to listen to the horse, for this reason riders are rewarded for their horses being in the most comfortable bridle possible. TYPE OF BRIDLE ALLOWED: Either: A simple snaffle bridle with no noseband, or a loose cavesson noseband, or Micklem bridle, or a mild bitless bridle.




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