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Our Horses and Ponies 

All of our horses and ponies are schooled by us at least once a week, to ensure the quality of your experience is high. We have a range of different sizes and breeds, so there is something for everybody! Each horse does a maximum of two lessons each a day to ensure sufficient rest.  
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Siena - 15.1 hh Appaloosa Cross Cob
She has been with us since the day she was born! She jumps like a stag (though I don't anymore...). She is very good with novices, but loves to go a bit further with more experienced riders. She has done fun rides and beach rides and Le Trec with a 7 year old. She competed at the National Appaloosa Show 2021 at Hartpury College for the first time with her human mum, my daughter Amber, where they won a couple of rosettes. We are planning to go back next year!
Loves: her food, her mum and Toto (amazingly!)
Doesn't like: not being in charge in the field!
Apache - 15.1hh Appaloosa Cross Cob


He is a very different character! He really wants to please his rider and is a sensitive, loving little boy. Not generally for very first lessons, though he has been ridden by 8 year olds; you can lead children, children on ponies ;) or dogs from him. He also has a big jump, though more suited to more experienced riders to do this as he can be quick. He has also done fun rides and a couple of shows when there has been time. He also went to the National Appaloosa show 2021 with one of my lovely sharers, Tilly, also winning a rosette. We are also planning to go back with him in 2022 with bigger goals after a bit more practice with big events.
Loves: being scratched under his chin
Doesn't like: not doing his best.
Folly - 15.1hh Cob Cross


Folly was bought for my niece originally, quite a few years ago now. Back from Sussex, she is now with us for the foreseeable future and loves being back with her daughter, Siena. She has done quite a lot of showjumping and can be speedy but is also an old hand at looking after novices. 
Loves: hacking and jumping
Doesn't like: not having carrots!
Billie - 14.1hh Friesian cross (?)


Billie was recommended to us from the neighbouring yard - when she came she had the worst teeth I have ever seen and had been ridden in such a badly fitting saddle that she used to shrink down whenever you bought a saddle near her! After many months of working with her (the first year she was only ridden by me and one other) and working in a treeless saddle for two and a half years she is now calm and happy enough to take me jumping on a fun ride and to take one of my younger clients to a couple of cross country courses.  She can still be strong to handle when there is grass around...a good reminder never to take horses for granted! I am strictly under orders not to cut her flowing mane or tail, both of which get beautiful highlights in the sun..
Loves: Going out on hacks and fun rides, likes jumping too.
Doesn't like: Being bossed about in the field !
Rosie - 12.2hh Welsh Section C
"Roo" is everybody's favourite...but no, the grownups can't ride her! She has taken 8-year-olds blood-hounding and kept up with the hounds. She is great in the school and loves both flat work and jumping. She has done pony club, gymkhana and show jumping - a cracking little pony, on or off the lead rein. Everybody always wishes they had a liitle longer on her - so be warned, make the most of it if you are little enough to ride her - it's so easy to get distracted riding the bigger ones.....:)
Loves: being fed and being toasty
Doesn't like: being so little!
Ted  15.2hh ID x TB
Ted has been a hunt horse and a teenager's jumping and riding club horse - so he has seen a lot. He is now becoming acquainted with a more subtle way of doing things, turning from Ready, Teddy, Go! to a Steady Teddy. We are really fond of this boy and he has now relaxed into his life with us. He has been with us for 7 years now and is my favourite (don't tell the others!) See the case studies page for more info about him. You can see the white marks on his back - this comes from too much pressure on the stirrup and an ill fitting saddle...more about this on the case studies page too...
Loves: Apache (the white horse behind him) and tummy scratches.
Doesn't like: being clipped very much.

Poppy 12.2hh Welsh Section B

Poppy, in the middle here, came to us after her owners out grew her - she is often ridden by Olivia and other adults as well as children. She's cheeky and full of fun and we are very fond of her!

Loves: food glorious food and....mud!

Doesnt like: all!


Toto 16.2hh ex-race horse

One of the latest additions to our little herd...though he has spent most of the last year just learning to be a horse again..he evidently hasn't forgotten his past life however as we now have to have 5 foot electric fencing to stop him jumping out! He has just had his front shoes put back on after his feet have had a break and have toughened up quite a lot. He will mostly be being trained to be my lead horse rather than for riding school clients with a view to being Ted's replacement when he retires...hopefully not too soon!
Loves: Siena , his new BFF to all our surprise as Siena hasnt liked anyone, apart from her mother occasionally, for her whole life
Doesn't like: puddles or getting his feet wet!

Baileys 15hh Cob x

The newest additiont to our Pioneer herd, he has spent since April 2022 getting used to being barefoot - he is now out on the roads most days and his hooves have toughened up nicely..

Loves: Hacking with his new friends and his mum who rides with us regularly

Doesn't like: letting Teddy be in front! (good luck changing that Baileys!).

Here he is looking after one of my clients.

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