Our Horses and Ponies 

All of our horses and ponies are schooled by us at least once a week, to ensure the quality of your experience is high. We have a range of different sizes and breeds, so there is something for everybody! Each horse does a maximum of two lessons each a day to ensure sufficient rest.  
Siena - 15.hh Appaloosa Cross Cob
She has been with us since the day she was born! She jumps like a stag (though I don't anymore...). She is very good with novices, but loves to go a bit further with more experienced riders. She has done fun rides and beach rides and Le Trec with a 7 year old.
Loves: her food
Doesn't like: not being in charge in the field!
Apache - 15.1hh Appaloosa Cross Cob


He is a very different character! He really wants to please his rider and is a sensitive, loving little boy. Not for very first lessons, though he has been ridden by 8 year olds; you can lead children or dogs from him. He also has a big jump, though more suited to more experienced riders to do this as he can be quick. He has also done fun rides and a couple of shows when there has been time. 
Loves: being scratched under his chin
Doesn't like: not doing his best.
Folly - 15.1hh Cross Cob


Folly was bought for my niece originally, nearly 15 years ago. Recently back from Sussex, she is now with us for the foreseeable and loves being back with her daughter, Siena.
Loves: hacking and jumping
Doesn't like: not having carrots!
Tallis - 14.1hh Welsh Section D


Tallis (centre in the pic) came to being ridden quite late and now loves working hard. He is always keen and has done fun rides with his then 8-year-old owner and loves a spot of blood-hounding when we can fit it in! He is also good in the school and looks after big and small, novices and experienced riders alike. 
Loves: going out on hacks and fun rides
Doesn't like: being in very much!
Rosie - 12.2hh Welsh Section C
"Roo" is everybody's favourite...but no, the grownups can't ride her! She has taken 8-year-olds blood-hounding and kept up with the hounds. She is great in the school and loves both flat work and jumping. She has done pony club, gymkhana and show jumping - a cracking little pony, on or off the lead rein.
Loves: being fed and being toasty
Doesn't like: being so little!
Ted  15.2hh ID x TB
Ted has been a hunt horse and a teenager's jumping and riding club horse - so he has seen a lot. He is now becoming acquainted with a more subtle way of doing things, turning from Ready, Teddy, Go! to a Steady Teddy. We are really fond of this boy and he has now relaxed into his new life with us.
Loves: his new life.
Doesn't like: being clipped very much.

Poppy 12.2hh Welsh Section B

Poppy, in the middle here, came to us after her owners out grew her - she is often ridden by Olivia and other adults as well as children. She's cheeky and full of fun and we are very fond of her!

Loves: food glorious food and....mud!

Doesnt like: Siena...at all!