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About Us

Pioneer Equestrian Coaching is a fully licensed horse riding school in the beautiful Cotswolds. It was founded and is run by Olivia Pollard, whose passion for horses stretches back nearly 40 years.  As Pioneer's senior instructor she has been using bio-mechanics-based techniques for over 20 years & specifically Mary Wanless' Ride With Your Mind (R) approach since 2005.

She loves what she does and has an infectious enthusiasm for 'spreading the love' of good horsemanship to all whom she coaches, whatever their individual goals. She has years of experience teaching both children and adults of all ages and abilities. 

Olivia jumping her beloved Monty.

Olivia and her Ride With Your Mind (R) working pupils coach dressage, show jumping, riding club, happy hackers & eventers on either their own horses/ponies or Pioneer's owned, licensed and insured riding school horses.

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