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What is Ride With Your Mind (R) ?

Ride With Your Mind (R) is a bio-mechanics based approach to teaching horse riding, developed by Mary Wanless (pictured). It uses innovative & streamlined techniques to help riders improve concentration, body awareness & core muscle strength. This creates incredible improvements in both the rider's seat and in the horse's response to their body.

Utilising elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Alexander & Feldenkrais systems of bodywork, it is highly interactive, with rider and coach acting as equals, combining perceptions to unravel the puzzle of how the rider affects the horse and the horse affects the rider.

"Learning through this method does not take talent, it simply takes learning how to notice." - Mary Wanless, Founder - Ride With Your Mind (R)

Mary Wanless

Ride With Your Mind (R) Founder, Mary Wanless

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