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Case Studies


Pioneer help horses, ponies and people to fulfill their true potential, often by removing unhelpful holding patterns that have resulted through trauma or pain, sometimes we just give a helping hand to cope with the day to day things that life throws at humans and their horses. Hopefully the before and after pictures here will inspire you to come and talk to us... :)

Apache - Oct '14

Little Apache has been a bit of a victim of circumstance...not that anything bad has happened to him in the 7 years he has been with me, just that between, twins, car accidents, 'divorce' and moving countries, his training has been a little interrupted and he has not had the one to one time that he craves. His sensitive nature and the fact that he overtries leads to holding patterns and muscle spasms that, this summer, put him on three legs....

Ted  - Oct '14
Apache- March '15

Now, just five months later, lots of gentle schooling , sessions with Sue Buckley for Bowen/Osteopathy/Reiki, groundwork based on a German lunging technique,  ongoing feet and saddle changes as he gets wider body on a wider base , Apache is looking much more "of a piece" with a less steeply sloping rump and and more correct musculature in his neck....this work is we will see where is ends..

Ted - July '21

When we went to try Ted, we were his last chance before the meat man... A couple of years of being ridden in a water ski/motorboat way, over bitted with a narrow saddle and poor farriery had led to Ted deciding he didnt want to play ball anymore..He was difficult to catch, grumpy to handle, rude to clip, wouldnt stand still for you to mount and wizzed off the minute you got in the saddle..This photo shows his first time in the school with us, where he was so sore with his exisiting saddle, Lyd bravely rode him without so we could see what we had let ourselves into!

Many treatments from Sue, consistent and calm handling, groundwork and well timed rewards, farriery, vet visits, considerate and very short schooling sessions, massage and consistency, lots of ride and lead and currently the fifth saddle (he keeps geting wider, as we hoped he would..) Ted Bear is turning back into the lovely but still forward going ride he used to this space as our work with him is ongoing...but he now clips again with no fuss, stands like a rock to be mounted and dismounted and is ridden at all times in a snaffle...and more importantly, he trusts us , giving us the benefit of the doubt...

7 YEARS ON>> Ted is settling into his dotage...well mostly! He did a fun ride, bitless, with my son and is ridden by me mostly bitless...he can still show a turn of speed when he wants to and enjoys being ridden considerately. He plays with Apache in the field and is still young in his head, though it would be fair to say he is starting to show his age...though not in this pciture..he's now 23!




This is our student at the beginning of approximately her 6th lesson. Having started with us as a novice, she is working on getting the best out of easy task as she requires you to match her free rides on this one! In a new place as well, she has her work cut out to get Siena to concentrate.




As you can see her, our student has nailed her alignment and foot light, and focussed her own attention, breathing and what we call 'bear down' to get Siena to reach into the rein, without fiddling her head down, using force or a strong bit, just the tone and application of a more organised longer looks like a my honest opinion..:).

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