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Exclusive Services

In September 2022 I was sitting at my annual teacher training in some discomfort...this is pretty common occurrence for me after having a nasty car accident in 1995, when I was 20. Trying to listen to what was being said, it was proving hard to concentrate due to the aching in my neck, head and shoulders and I was fidgeting around trying to get comfortable without disturbing anyone else. My coach was talking about a type of patch that she had discovered, a bio-physics patch, that was making such a difference to her own health that she wanted to share it with us and she had a few samples if anyone wanted to try them. At this point I thought, why not, nothing to lose and maybe I will feel a bit better as I was getting irritable, not a good place to learn anything!

I took a patch, stuck it on the back of my neck and got up to make myself and a colleague a cup of coffee....BUT it was when I handed back the now steaming mug after making the coffee that I realised I could hold my arm out without anything hurting! I sat back down , a bit confused as I couldn't believe that anything could make such a difference that quickly..even pain killers usually take a bit longer and I should know as I have taken enough of them over the years! For the rest of the day and, so far, since then (just over two months), the almost daily neck pain I have been suffering from has stopped! I came home that first day and my husand asked what had happened as I was grinning from ear to ear - I replied "I'm not in any pain for the first time in 27 years and I haven't taken any painkillers!" So...what were the patches....?

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