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Next Event - Thursday 27th September from 6pm

Pioneer is excited to be promoting a series of Feldenkrais sessions specifically catering for horse riders.

If you want your horse to go straight, you have to sit straight. Feldenkrais can relieve back ache in both horse and rider, help create and maintain an independent seat and will increase your awareness of how to use your body optimally.

These sessions will be led by Joy Morris at Hartsop Farm in Finstock, OX7 3AS, by kind permission or Mr and Mrs Vandenburghe. Dates to follow.

There will be two sessions per evening from 6-6.45pm and 7-7.45pm at a cost of £5 per person per session. Participants are welcome to do one or both sessions.

Please book on 01608 670200 or email Pioneer using the email form below. We will not pass on your email or other personal information without your permission.

Feldenkrais Session

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