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Welcome to our new Riding Club page!


We have started a new group for riders of all ages, with and without their own horses, who would like to approach riding in a more thoughtful way. We want to put our horses at the centre of everything the Riding Club does by providing tuition, education and fun that builds on all our skills as riders and lovers of horses. Our regular monthly get-togethers will feature knowledgeable professionals from the worlds of foot trimming, equine behaviour and training, Osteopathy, Bio-mechanics, Dentistry, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Saddlery. If there is anything you would like us to consider, please get in touch, whether you are a current member, a prospective member or an equine or sports professional. (You can contact us through the website or through our Facebook page or by emailing

Concordia Dressage 13th February 2016

Pioneer Riding Club are very proud to be hosting another Concordia Dressage compeition. This is open to everybody and has been designed to encourage and promote thoughtful and considerate riding, surrounded by like-minded and supportive people.  This time around the first class is EITHER Introductory C (2016) Walk and trot test or Preliminary 14 (2006) Walk, trot and canter test, wit the second class being PTT 1 or 2. For more information on the details of the compulsory movements to be shown during a freestyle test at one of two levels, please email us either through the Contacts page on this website or on and/or look at our facebook page :)

Jumping Clinics

If you would like to get back to jumping after a break, or you would like to brush up on your technique or get ready for a particular event, Pioneer RC can help you get together with like- minded and supportive individuals to help you achieve your goals! Perhaps you would like to compete in one of Pioneer RC's snaffle only show jumping classes or prepare for some bareback jumping? Let Liv or Bex know what you need help with and we can arrange a clinic to suit.


Snaffle Challenge Show Jumping to be help on 20th September at Evenlode Grounds

What next? September, October etc...

Over the coming months we would like to introduce you to Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Feldenkrais, The Alexander Technique, Thermal Imaging, Equine Nutrition, Long Distance Riding and how to get a horse really fit, Physiotherapy and Massage for horses and the odd horse riding human, Kat's sense of humour and Liv's fluffy coffee, the odd glass of wine and probably more chocolate, Bowen Technique and relaxation techiniques that dont involve wine or chocolate, the prinicples behind good saddle fitting and good farriery. Please let us know what YOU are interested in...otherwise we might get a bit self indulgent..and Bex may have to start sharing her Unicorn sketches...(Sorry..just checking you are paying attention!)

April Meeting...

Our first Riding Club meeting was a success! We had a great turnout of children and adults who all thoroughly enjoyed their clicker-training-Easter-egg hunt! We gave a very basic introduction to who we were and why timing is important when training your horse - or husband! A brilliant time was had by all. Our next meeting is based on an introduction to biomechanics, hopefully held at the same venue but time to be confirmed!

May Meeting Intro to Biomechanics

The May Meeting was a huge success! We enjoyed meeting a variety of different people and it was rather amusing watching you all try to keep a balloon blown up, whilst still breathing! 


We couldn't go into too much detail unfortunately due to time constraints, but we will do demos and clinics for those that are interested :-) 


There is no Pioneer Riding Club meeting for June, but we will be back in July with more exciting information that we would love to share with you. Enjoy the sun!

What else can we help you with?

At Pioneer RC we can run clinics to help with:-

Older horses - to keep them happy and in work for longer

Flat work problems - what does "on the bit" really mean?

Spooky or nappy horses or horses or ponies that wont load or lead.


We are planning shows and BBQ's, picnic rides and other social outings, 50 shades of grey as a guide to getting your horse clean  for a show perhaps? Once we get to the winter again we can run indoor fitness and/or awareness sessions and arrange evening "classes" for those who want to keep their little grey cells busy......

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